Friday, February 23, 2007

adware spyware remover free

Adware Spyware Remover Free

Spywares are known by many names such as adware, trojans, malware, browser hijackers etc. The thing they all have in common is that they will transmit your personal information to companies and individuals who have an interest in knowing about your surfing habits, online purchases, credit worthiness, interests, web searchs, chats, birth date and even your credit card number. The list goes on and on, since Spywares are constructed by promotional companies who need to know as much as possible about the online consumers to target them effectively. By ewes dropping on you online, these companies hope to be more successful when sending out promotional materials.

Spyware usually enter your PC by piggybacking on other software downloads. Every time you use downloaded or otherwise shared files, including Freeware, Shareware or p2p sharing programs, you stand the risk of unknowingly infecting your computer with Spyware. Even confirmed virus free music files, films and computer programs can have Spyware stowaways. Once inside your computer, they will hide, monitor all your actions and promptly start telling your secrets to anyone willing to listen...

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Do Free Adware Removers work?

Do Free Adware Removers work?

We live in a world where the internet is now and important part of our lives. Doing businesses and school research or simply keeping in touch with our family and friends is efficiently achieved through the internet.

However, there are people who use the internet for the purpose of harassing and stealing from people. They develop software to steal files, harass people into buying their product, and spy on other people’s computer.

The software they develop is called adwares and spywares.

Adware is software that inserts commands to the web browser and automatically opens a pop-up advertising every few seconds or minutes, which, no matter how many times you close it, it will always, come back. It usually advertises to you that you buy a certain program to remove the pop-up ads.

To remove the pop-up advertising, new web browsers such as, Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 8 has pop-up blockers. Most adwares are integrated with spywares. This can be dangerous for you or your online business.

It would be like an unwanted stranger entering your home, installing cameras, and listening devices around your house. Pop-up blockers are not enough to counter this kind of programs.

Since adware and spyware’s programming is different from computer viruses, anti-virus softwares are useless against it.

To fight this growing problem, software developers have created software called anti-adware or anti-spyware. This software can be easily downloaded from the internet for a fee.

After you downloaded and installed the anti-adware/spyware program, you now scan your computer with it and the software will display all kinds of adwares and spywares installed in your computer. After it has finished scanning and displaying all adwares and spywares in your computer, it will give you the option to delete or keep it.

Some anti-adware/spyware programs also offer immunization from the threat to avoid the adware/spyware to enter your computer again.

You must also update your anti-adware/spyware regularly to update adware/spyware definitions to protect your computer against new threats.

There are also ways to remove adwares and spywares manually, but it is not recommended for people who have little or no knowledge at all about programming.

This is because some adwares and spywares can only be removed by deleting it from the system registry, which also contains critical data that are required to run the Windows operating system. Deleting such files will create more problems than solution, such as:

• You may not be able to run certain programs installed in your computer.

• Your operating system may not function properly and you may receive different kinds of error messages.

• Your operating system may not run at all.

To remove adwares/spywares, you can usually download free adware/spyware removal softwares. However, such files have only limited uses and contain not updated adware/spyware definitions. These freebies are usually trial periods before you buying the full software. Some of these softwares only scan your computer and the “delete” capability is disabled, unless you buy the registration key to unlock the additional features.

Some have full capabilities but has an expiration date or has only a limited number of uses. After the expiration date and the total number of uses are up, it usually gives you a message that tells you to buy registration key for the software to continue using the product.

There are also available downloads for free full versions of adware/spyware removal software but usually, the adware/spyware definitions have no updates and has limited capabilities.

For further assurance that your computer is protected from the threats of adware/spyware, you need to buy good anti-adware/spyware programs from reputable companies. You will know the good reputation of company ones they gain good or positive feedback from its customers and have good product reviews from known software magazines.